Credit Repair

Have you been denied credit? Are you paying higher interest rates on loans and credit cards? If you answered YES! Credit Management Pros could be the answer you’re looking for.

  • 79% of all credit reports contain some type of error.
  • 30% listed pay off and closed accounts as being open. This can hurt your score.
  • Even worse if they are duplicated late payments. Your score is penalized twice.
  • 54% contain inaccurate personal information such as a misspelled name, incorrect date of birth.
  • 22% had the same loan posted twice; this skews the debt to income ratio against you.
  • 8% omitted a major credit card, loan, or a mortgage that would provide positive credit and a boosted credit score, if it had been included.

Boost Credit Scores 100%
High interest Rates Reduced 100%

Our Services

  • Free Credit Consultation
  • Personal Credit Specialist
  • Unlimited Credit Disputes
  • Online Portal Access
  • Credit Monitoring Alerts
  • Rent Reporting Partner
  • Student Loan Assistance
  • Prepaid Loan Assistance
  • Home Ready Guide
  • Debt Management
  • Consultation
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Credit Education
  • Referral Program

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I don’t have time to pour through my monthly credit card statements or review my credit reports. That’s why I love Credit Watchers. It makes keeping tabs on my credit simple and easy.


Jenny James


I have been through the loop with identity theft. Now I’m not concerned with Credit Watchers on my side.


Matthew Mint


When it comes to identity theft and fraud, so it’s a good idea to sign up for credit monitoring. Credit Watchers is the best option I’ve found.


Maria Marvel

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We’re always on the watch so you don’t have to. Review your daily reports straight from your phone. Simple and safe. Our agents are waiting.

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